Thursday, February 18, 2016

Surveys, Surveys, Oh My!

When my online income started dwindling I began to try taking surveys.  I found two sites that did pay you when you made the threshold.  For (affiliate link) you have to reach $10 before they will pay you.  After you request your payout the company pays you within a day. 
The other site I tried was DailyRewards (affiliate link).  They also pay in cash but you do have to wait until you reach a $30 threshold and it takes a few weeks after your initial request to get paid out the first time, but after the first payout addition payments request can be completed in week depending on whether you make your threshold.

I found that the money you make from survey taking is very small.   It's not a good use of your time.  You have to qualify for the survey first by being in the demographic needed.  Often you get screened out.  I have spent twenty minutes filling out a survey only to be screened out at the end.  It can be a frustrating process.  I would not recommend this avenue for making a steady online income; though, it does remain an option if your looking to raise small amounts of money from time to time

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Article Writing, Generating Traffic and Hubpages

My user name on HubPages is auntjennie.  I have written 126 published articles.  Most of which were articles originally written for Squidoo.  There are a lot of product sales pages that we were encouraged to write on that platform.  A few years ago they preformed much better in the search engines and netted a better profit. 

Today these articles are not generating much traffic and are barely showing up in google.  I only net about 20 visitors per day for all 126 articles which is a huge problem.

So where do I start to fix this?

There is many things I can do improve my traffic results on the site (though, I know this will not be an overnight change.  I am going to begin with a few simple things to get me started down a more beneficial relationship with ad sharing website.

1.  Fill out my profile that I have neglected for over a year now.  Add link to my current social media accounts to generate back links and traffic.
2.  Spend some time reading other peoples articles on the platform and commenting.  This will give me a more active role in the community as well as a back link to my profile page.
3.  Engage in the forums.  Get the benefit of others wisdom and find ideas that work best for HubPages.  Posting on the forums will also get you more backlinks.

I will start with these 3 tasks and I will let everyone know what my results are; though, it might be to early to tell.

Exploring Online Income Generating Opportunities

A few years ago I was generating a passive income of about two hundred dollars a month.  I was writing articles for revenue sharing website called Squidoo.  They enjoyed a good run until they eventually closed and accounts were transferred to hubpages.  I left my account alone and eventually my monthly earnings dwindled to the less than the cost of a cup of coffee. 

I am not happy with this and I am exploring ways to increase the income I make online.  Ideally, I would like to make few hundred dollars online to help with bills so I am exploring several ways to accomplish this task. 

I will document my journey to find the avenues that work best to make money online.  I will share my failures and successes to help anyone else struggling to generate income online.